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The Himalayan Exploration

India's Trekking And Camping Expert

We are 100% entire concentration on the trekking and Camping experience.

Welcome to The Himalayan Exploration! We offer topflight hill-walking holidays across you. Many traveling companies focus on multitudinous sports; we are 100% entire concentration on the trekking experience. With unique guides, unbelievable support staff, and award-winning routeways, we are dedicated about giving memorable trekking experiences for guests all over the world!

Why Choose Us


Our core values of "Protection of the Earth and the People" promote all that we do. If you continue with us you make a small contribution to the "Trek for a Cause" program that helps people and the environment in remote areas.

Finest Guides

You can expect excellent information from our independent leaders, travel experts and trainers, guides and local support team.

Eco-friendly & Paperless

We have absolutely no paperwork, you don’t need to print anything; everything will be done online. All of our adventure activities are eco-friendly and we have always tried not to be plastic as part of our sustainable tourism path.


Vijay Singh:

Our founder Mr. Vijay Singh is an outdoor enthusiast & wanderlust nature person. Continuously working hard for the growth of The Himalayan Exploration. He had dreamed of showing people the beauty of the Himalayas. That's why after graduation, he learned about the mountains & how to climb them. He had complete both Basic & Advanced mountaineering course from Nehru Institute Of Mountaineering

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